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Legend Lifestyle Products Corp. (LLPC) was established in Taipei, Taiwan since 2001, is a professionally manufacturer who designs and manufactures sensors and sensor-based consumer products. Our main business activity is to develop industrial related products, such as Pressure, Weight measurement device, Torque tools, and Torque calibration device. With ISO 9001:2008 certifications, all of our products guarantee with good quality, such as Electronic Torque Wrench, Electronic Torque Screwdriver, Digital Tire Inflator, Digital Air Regulator and Electronic Programmable Charging Scale. If you are looking for reliable Electronic Scale, Electronic Pressure Gauge and Pipe Clamp Thermocouple Manufacturer, please feel free to contact us. Main Products: Electronic Tool Tire Inflator Air Regulator Electronic Scale Electronic Torque Tester

Electronic Torque Tester, EZ-CHECK TQE100 Electronic Torque Tester & Calibrator

Our products have always been known for quality, reliability and solid performance, making Legend Lifestyle Products Corp. becomes the most specified brand in the Electronic Torque Tester business. We can promise that whatever your problem is, we will find a way to solve it to your satisfaction.
Electronic Torque Tester

EZ-CHECK TQE100 Electronic Torque Tester & Calibrator

Electronic Torque Tester

The EZ-CHECK TQE100 Electronic Torque Tester & Calibrator series Electronic Torque Tester & Calibrator are designed for
accurate fixing and operation of torque wrench. Also provide for precise measurement and
Features :

* Precision in ± 1% C.W. / C.C.W.
* CE Certificate.
* Customization is available.
* Working Temperature: 0 ~ 40℃
* Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 45℃

Specification :

Model Sq. Drive Range Resolution Power
(N.m) lbf-ft (N.m) lbf-ft
TQE100-300 1/2" 0-300 0-221 0.1 0.1 AC 110V, 60HZ / AC 220V, 60HZ

Legend Lifestyle Products Corp. (LLPC) is specialized in sensors and sensor-based consumer products more than 11 years.  Our main products include Electronic Torque Tools, Digital Tire Inflator, Digital Air Regulator, AC Tools and Refrigeration Tools.We provide high quality products with good prices.

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Legend Lifestyle Products Corp. has changed a lot in industrial and domestic requirements and has adapted to fulfill the needs of every client. Thank you for the opportunity to fulfill your EZ-CHECK TQE100 Electronic Torque Tester & Calibrator, Electronic Torque Tester, Electronic Torque Testers, Electronic Torque Wrench Tester, Electronic Torque Wrench Testers, Torque Tester, Torque Testers and Torque Wrench, Electronic Torque Wrench, Wireless Torque Wrench supply needs. We appreciate your business!