EZ-CHECK AR2500 Digital Manifold

AR2500 Digital Manifold

* Digital Manifold is designed for all refrigerants.
* Digital Manifold has dual input thermocouple K-type, or pipe clamp thermocouple K-type.
* 41 Refrigerant selections for comparing the actual temperature with the corresponding boiling-point temperature.
* Warning indicator for the exceeded pressure.
* Digital Manifold with 4 different units for selection.
* CE Certificate.
Working pressure:
Low side: -14.7~500psi /-1~34bar / -0.1~3.4Mpa / -101~3477Kpa
High side: 0~800psi / 0~55bar / 0~5.5Mpa / 0~5516Kpa
Resolution: 0.5psi / 0.01bar / 0.001Mpa / 1Kpa
Accuracy: ± 1%
Temperature range: -40 to 130°C (-40 to 266ºF)
Temperature Resolution: 0.5°C (0.5°F)
Vacuum Measuring Range: -14~0psi (measurement) / -1~0bar
Power: 6V, AA alkaline battery x 4pcs.

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